Interspace Industries Countdown Timer

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The PDS Interspace Industries Countdown Timer is a great solution for keeping time on a conference with a wide variety of screens there is a solution for nearly every scenario. The controller allows you to count down from any time and give amber and red warnings. Connecting together use standard 3pin XLR cable making it really versatile.


  • Countdown or up from any time
  • Amber and red warning times
  •  Displays:
    • Maxi Display – 125mm
    • Standard Display – 25mm
    • 2x Mini Display – 12.7mm
  • Also Includes:
    • Splixler
    • Maxi Display PSU

Key Features:

  • Power Input:
    • Controller: IEC
    • Maxi Display: IEC PSU
  • Power Usage:
    • Controller: 72W
    • Maxi Display: 72W
  • Transport Weight: 15kg

Further Details:

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