Interspace Industries Master Cue V5 Cueing System

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The Interspace Industries Master Cue V5 Cueing System is a professional cueing system for corporate events. Coming as standard with two wireless clickers and the ability to connect a computer for direct control of presentation this system is invaluable at any conference. Also comes with an extendable aerial and the ability to loop through a comms headset to give audible cues.


  • 300m open field range
  • Single USB output
  • Mono comms loop through
  • Includes:
    • Base station
    • 2off wireless remote
    • 2off wired remote
    • RF receiver with aerial
    • All required cabling

Key Features:

  • Power Input: IEC
  • Power Usage: 240W
  • Transport Weight: 10kg

Further Details:

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