20 Years of Presentation Design Services

This month, we’re celebrating a big anniversary: 20 years since PDS became a limited company.

Join us in taking a look back from our humble beginnings through to the people who make it all possible today.

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Who Are We?

We are a multi-discipline event production company working across all facets of the live events industry – conferences, launches, award ceremonies, exhibitions, experiential and creative activations.

As a company many of our roots stem from the theatre arts and so we are perhaps more inventive and creative than you might find elsewhere in the events industry. Everything we do starts with a concern for the aesthetic with an intention that every project, however large or small, looks brilliant.


Take a Look

Check out our promo video below to get a little insight of what we’re all about.


What Do We Do?

We design, we build, we light, we project, we paint, we dress, we drape, we invent and we programme. We say yes and we get on with it. We’re organised and productive, creative and experienced.

We have a vast breadth of experience and employ designers, visualisers, project managers, technicians, set builders, scenic artists, drape makers and dressers. When we say we can do almost anything, we actually mean it. Find out for yourselves below.

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“We aren’t any run-of-the-mill production company. We’re a ‘can do’ team with personality and a sense of adventure.”


Approachable and Personable

We aim to be approachable and personable. At all times we want to make our clients’ lives as easy as possible. We employ people with character and personality and we hope to be a breath of fresh air for everyone we work with.

We aren’t any run-of-the-mill production company. We’re a ‘can do’ team with personality and a sense of adventure.
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Meet Our Team

We are a mixed bunch with a depth of knowledge in a vast array of fields. All influenced by each other in one way or another.


Gavin Ling

Managing Director


James Johnson

Director/Senior Project Manager


Nicky Hudswell

Director/Drapes Manager


Alesha Johnson

Director/PR & Marketing Manager


Adam Swain

Senior Project Manager


Dorrie Scott

Creative Producer


Kat Wilson

Creative Production Technician


Lianne Sheridan

Operations Coordinator


Jack Johnson

Project Support Technician


Christie Sackman

Production Assistant


Jane Eliot-Webb

Drapes Sales


Beth Swift

Drapes Workroom Manager


Alison Lane

Assistant Workroom Manager


Emily Foster

Production Assistant (drapes)


Sarah Palmer

Production Assistant (drapes)


Anna Kohler

Production Assistant (drapes)


Kiana D' Aniello

Production Assistant (drapes)


Ben Dew

Warehouse Manager


David Finlay

Warehouse Production Technician


Tom Owen

Warehouse Technician


Alex Wood

Warehouse Technician


Carl Stevens

Building Maintenance Technician


Nikki Smallwood

Company Cleaner


Dan Lounds

Workshop Manager

Who Are Our Clients?

Most of our major events clients are creative branding and advertising agencies. We work hard to build long lasting, trusting relationships with companies to produce fast and stunning results. We constantly deliver, on time, on budget and above and beyond expectations. As deadlines get shorter and shorter, the ability to produce what is needed, in a matter of days without allowing the timescale to affect quality or attention to detail, is absolutely crucial. This is what we do, we produce amazing events, seemingly from nowhere, at unbelievable speed.

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Social & Environmental

Here at Presentation Design Services, we accept that our existence and output as a business has an effect on the local and global environment and that we need to be accountable for this.

We are committed to leading the industry in minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and supporting a sustainable and positive future for generations to come. We are dedicated to having, wherever possible, a positive, rather than negative effect on the world in which we operate.

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