What Do We Do?

We make big drapes and small drapes. Simple drapes and strange drapes. Venue drapes, show drapes, cruise ship drapes. School Hall drapes and West End Musical drapes. Event drapes and things that aren’t really drapes at all. Permanent drapes, touring drapes, and temporary installation drapes. We’ve been making drapes for the theatre and live events industries for over ten years, so we understand deadlines. Really tight deadlines. Work-through-the-weekend deadlines. Deadlines that move and briefs that change. New build venues that aren’t finished yet. Designers who want something different halfway through tech week.  It’s okay; we get it. Whether you’re a theatrical supplier, production manager, set builder, venue manager, designer, or drama teacher, talk to us about your next drapes challenge.


Coronation Drapes

Learn all about how we manufactured a number of luxurious drapes to be installed into Madame Tussauds new Royal Palace display, including an extra special area for the King’s Coronation.


“We’ve been making drapes for the theatre and live events industries for nearly twenty years…”

Sewing machine work close up


Our Workroom

Our workroom boasts a variety of machines, including Juki compressed-air lockstitch sewing machines which we have found to be the best for sewing multiple layers of thick fabrics. We have smaller sewing machines for more delicate projects, alongside an overlocker, industrial eyelet machine and hot knife cutting machine.


Our Unique Manufacturing Process

We like to do things a differently here at Drapemakers.

We hang every drape we make on our flown track and we pride ourselves on our ability to measure heights accurately, even allowing for fabric stretch. We work with all the well-known track manufacturers, including Triple E, Doughty, Silent Gliss and Hall / Steel Deck.

We understand that you may not know the exact required height of the drapes at the point of ordering. For customers working on new-build projects we can get the drapes made up almost to the point of completion and then quickly trim and finish the bottom edge once you have the final dimension from site, meaning your team can install tracks one day and hang perfectly sized drapes the next!

Drape being marked for bottom hem


The Whole Operation

From initial enquiry to final delivery of your drapes we make the process run smoothly and we hope to be a breath of fresh air in the way that we do business. Our sales team all come from theatre and live event backgrounds, and we know all too well how important it is to deliver exactly what you want, when you want it.

As well as ensuring each item we make is finished beautifully, we are also passionate about packaging and labelling. We have experience of fitting drapes in venues across the world and we know all too well how frustrating it can be to hang the wrong item in the wrong place and have to take it down again.

Quotation Mark

On-site bespoke Drapes installation


Do You Need Your Drapes Installing?

Professional drape installation can be a tricky business. Especially when you’re hanging some of the monumental-size drapes we manufacture here in Derby. Whether you’re in a school hall down the road or on a cruise ship docked in an Italian harbour we’ll come to you with our team of professional installers, including IPAF and PASMA licenced operators. Our flight-cased sewing machine means we can custom-finish drapes to your exact specification and make adjustments on site anywhere in the world.

Who Are We?

We are a team of specialist manufacturers working across all areas of theatre and the live events industry – theatre drapes, school hall drapes, village hall drapes and cruise ship drapes.

Drapemakers came about after we had been making drapes internally for our parent company, Presentation Design Services. A handful of external clients who liked the drapes they saw PDS using on a range of events asked if we could manufacture for sale to them directly, and from this Drapemakers was born.

“We are a team of specialist manufacturers working across all areas of theatre and the live events industry.”

Meet the Team

From liaising with our customers over the phone and writing up quotes to the manufacturing of our impeccable drapes this is the team that makes it happen. A perfect concoction of skills and knowhow that accomplish the near on impossible.

Drapemakers Team Photo

Our Clients

We work with a vast range of clients across the country. Below are just a selection of the fantastic companies we have had the pleasure to work with.

Hire Drapes

Not every job requires custom-made drapes and that is where our stock drapes hold their own. We have a huge range of drapes to hire from coloured Velvet to Starcloth and everything in-between. Browse our full collection of stock drapes via the link below.

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Give Us a Call

We would love to talk about your next project with you – so if what we do, sounds like what you’re after, get in touch.