Zero88 Juggler 12/24 Lighting Console

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The Zero88 Juggler is a small lighting console ideal for controlling a limited amount of generic fixtures or a few simple LED fixtures. It is ideal for simple events that only require a basic room and stage wash. With intuitive faders, it is also the perfect lighting console for leaving in place with a 3rd party with limited technical knowledge who can then adjust the event to their liking or simply turn everything on and off at the beginning/end of the day.


  • Two operating modes:
    • 12 Channel preset operation
    • 24 ‘Wide’ mode operation
  • Grand Master fader
  • 5pin DMX output
  • 12 Flash buttons
  • Storage for 12 sequences of 99 steps available
  • Speed control available to ‘chase’ playback
  • Separate Sequence Master fader

Key Features:

  • Power Input: 13A
  • Dimensions: 540mm(w) x 410mm(d) x 150mm(h)
  • Transport Weight: 10kg

Further Details:

Zero88 Juggler Manual

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