Swisson XRC-200 DMX Recorder

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The Swisson XRC-200 DMX Recorder is an easy way of recording lighting states of sequences from a lighting console and replaying them without the console present. This is ideal for any simple event where there is not the need, space or funds to have a full console on-site throughout. A full two universes can be recorded across 64 playbacks, which can be manually triggered or run from the internal scheduler. Auto operation from power-on is useful for unattended events. Custom fade times ensure looping and scene changes are smooth. This unit is also ideal for desk backup.


  • 2x 5pin DMX in and Out
  • PC Software via USB

Key Features:

  • Power Input: 13A trailing
  • Power Usage: 46W
  • Dimensions: 200mm(w) x 50mm(h) x 120mm(d)
  • Transport Weight: 5kg

Further Details:

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