400A Powerlock Distro

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The PDS Powerlock Distro is designed to meet the needs of multiple types of job where large amounts of power are required. Taking powerlock in and outputting 13A, 16A, 32A, 32A TPNE, 63A TPNE, 125A TPNE and powerlock it is amazingly versatile.

Input connector:

  • 400A powerlock

Output connectors:

  • 400A powerlock (unprotected)
  • 2x 13A SPNE – 30mA RCBO protected
  • 12x 16A SPNE – 30mA RCBO protected
  • 6x 32A SPNE – 30mA RCBO protected
  • 4x 32A TPNE – 30mA RCBO protected
  • 2x 63A TPNE – MCB protected
  • 1x 125A TPNE – MCB Protected

Key Features:

  • Overall digital meter
  • Neons front and back
  • Transport Weight: 104kg

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