Lighting Data/Backup Rack

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Our Lighting Data/Backup Rack is designed to be a two in one FOH lighting support rack. One half offers a UPS to protect against power failures to critical lighting infrastructure. The other half adds a multitude of network functionality featuring a Chauvet Net-X sACN/Art-Net node as well as a router offering two networks; one for sACN and one for remote control of the lighting desk. Aerials and an access point are provided to further increase the range for remote control of a lighting desk via an iPad. Overall the Lighting Data/Backup Rack is an ideal backbone to modern complex lighting control systems.


  • Front:
    • DrayTek Vigor 2925n running two networks:
      • One sACN network from IP:
      • One Titan network for remote control of desk on IP:
    • Chauvet Net-X
    • APC Smart UPS
  • Rear:
    • Power in/out-through
    • Network patch
      • 3x sACN EtherCON ports
      • 2x Titan EtherCON ports (one with PoE)
    • Passive comms split
    • Net-X connections
  • Other:
    • Access point and aerials provided to increase network range.

Key Features:

  • Power Input/Output: PowerCON
  • Dimensions: 530mm(w) x 710mm(d) x 530mm(h)
  • Transport Weight: 70kg

Further Details:

Chauvet Net-X Manual

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