9.5m x 2.7m White Sharkstooth Gauze

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Sharkstooth Gauze is an open weave fabric that is used often in theatres to create a magically disappearing space.

Our white sharkstooth gauzes come in large panel sizes and are creatively used to block spaces off. When lit correctly from the front the gauze reflects the light and the gauze will appear solid, but when this front light is removed and something is lit behind the gauze it will suddenly appear transparent and you can see through it.

This drape comes with a conduit pockets to the top and bottom, ties to the top and pockets for steel wire to the sides. This makes it ideal for tensioning in whatever space you are fitting it into.


  • Manufactured flat (i.e. no pleating) to allow greatest flexibility on site
  • 100g/m2 white sharkstooth gauze
  • NDFR (non durably fire retardant) – certificate available on request
  • Ties at 200mm intervals along top edge
  • Eyelets down both sides
  • Conduit pocket along bottom edge

Key Features:

  • Hanging/Transport Weight: 4kg
  • Dimensions: 9500mm(w) x 2700mm(d)

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