13″ Macbook Air + Motu UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid

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The PDS Macbook Air with Motu Ultralite interface is set up to be the perfect playback machine, with Qlab 4 installed and the Motu interface combining together to fit almost every conference need. The Macbook Air has a 13-inch LED-backlit display, 4GB of RAM and a 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 processor. The Macbook Air also has a number of important programs installed such as Qlab, Dante Virtual Soundcard, Dante Controller, Steinberg Nuendo Live and Nexo controller software.  The Motu Ultralite MK3 interface has 10 inputs and 14 outputs with a front panel control this easy to use interface make playback or recording easy. The great thing about Nuendo Live is it works seamlessly with our QL series Yamaha digital desks so you can record multitrack recordings live without the need for a physical interface.


  • Macbook Air 13 inch
    • 1.4 GHz dual-core Intel i5 processor
    • 4GB RAM
    • Software installed:
      • Qlab
      • Nexo NeMo
      • Nexo Dory
      • Dante Virtual Soundcard
      • Dante Controller
      • Nuendo Live (dongle with licence supplied)
      • Spotify
      • Handbrake
      • Reaper 64
  • Motu Ultralitemk3 Interface:
    • Connections: Firewire/USB2
    • 10 flexible inputs
    • 14 outputs
    • Onboard FX and compression
    • 7 band parametric EQ
    • Front panel control
    • Digital Trim

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  • Transport Weight: 15kg

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