DVI Over Fibre Optic Kit 50m

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The PDS DVI Over Fibre Optic Kit is an all in one solution to transmitting DVI video signal long distances with network control and power. The transmitter sits in a 2u space and takes DVI in with a loop throughout and converts it to fibre that runs down Neutrik OptiCON. A network switch also presents three sockets for network connectivity. The receiver is a more compact design and truss mountable. Neutrik OptiCON in that is converted into 2 DVIs, and a network switch which again presents three sockets.


  • Transmitter:
    • Input: DVI-D, EtherCON
    • Output: DVI-D loop, 2x EtherCON, OptiCON
    • HDCP compliant
    • EDID pass-thru
    • Max Resolution: UXGA (1600×1200) and 1080p
  • Receiver:
    • Input: OptiCON, EtherCON
    • Output: 2x DVI-D, 2x EtherCON
    • HDCP compliant
    • EDID pass-thru
    • Max Resolution: UXGA (1600×1200) and 1080p
    • Truss mountable with quick trigger clamp
    • Dimensions: 300mm(w) x 200mm(d) x 82mm(h)

Key Features:

  • Comes with:
    • 50m OptiCON/EtherCON loom
    • 50m PowerCON cable
    • Quick trigger clamp
  • Power Input/Output: PowerCON
  • Transport Weight: 60kg

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