Creative, Different, Surprising

We aren’t any run-of-the-mill production company. We’re creative, we’re different and we’re surprising. Our company’s roots lie in the theatre arts, something you’ll find evident in everything we do. All of our projects start with a sharp eye for their visual design – no matter how big or small the event is, we begin with a desire to make it look great. We do this through creative design, high-quality technical production, and our commitment to great set and dressing.


It’s All in the Details

A splash of paint here, a skilfully placed plant there – we’re experts at adding the finer touches you’ll notice and love, but other production companies might overlook. There’s a real art to successfully dressing an event to a level that’ll make you and your audience say “wow”, and this is a goal that we’re committed to reach. Our attention to detail is second to none and we pride ourselves in our ability to produce the highest possible levels of finish.

LUSH Cosmetics fountain set spiderplant dressing

“…we’re experts at adding the finer touches…”

LUSH Cosmetics global Hybrid conference stage empty close up


Set Builders

We don’t just dress set – we build it, too. Transformative set construction pieces allow us to turn an ordinary venue into a wonderland featuring your brand. We create partitioning walls, interactive props, and bespoke furniture as you require, all within our in-house workshop or utilising our tried and trusted specialist construction partners. Read more on our manufacturing process by clicking the link below.

Whatever You Need

Practical, bold, creative, impressive. From the most straightforward conference set to an interactive experience spanning an entire exhibition hall, each gets the same level of attention. Set design, custom external structures, creative dressing, and prop work – whatever you need, we will bring it to life.

LUSH Cosmetics Old Billingsgate waterwheel


Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

We can’t wait to start talking to you about your next event. Get in touch with us today and we’ll begin working on something we know you’ll love.