The client wanted a luxury treehouse on the South Bank to reflect their world class five star treehouse hotels in the African savanna. VIPs, press and members of the public could win the opportunity to stay in the structure overnight, with a ten course evening tasting menu and breakfast served to them inside.

“…it allowed us to do what we do best – rise to a challenge.”

Virgin Holidays pop up Treehouse on the Thames exterior finishing touches at night



The tree house that we built on the South Bank in London was something never to be forgotten.  It was erected on Observation Point, just outside the ITV studios, for Virgin Holiday’s ‘Wonderlust’ brand on behalf of our client M&C Saatchi – in the middle of a cold, rainy and extremely windy January.  From start to finish in just four weeks, the job required complex technical and creative design from us, posing huge challenges concerning structural stability, safety and weatherproofing.

Virgin Holidays pop up Treehouse on the Thames house walls construction


Challenges Await

Building a free standing structure at height, in the middle of winter, on the banks of the Thames and making it watertight, wind resistant and cosy was extremely challenging.  Built across three days on a tight site with all access routes remaining open to the public, it also tested us logistically.

Virgin Holidays pop up Treehouse on the Thames interior complete


Tight Budget

Whilst achieving all of this, on a tight budget, the entire point of the structure was that it felt elegant and luxurious.  It can be really challenging to keep a sharp eye on the details when delivering a project of this scale and complexity.  We couldn’t afford to lose any of the refinements that would sell this high class brand to consumers, simply because the build was challenging.

Virgin Holidays pop up Treehouse on the Thames exterior aerial view


The Proof is in the Pudding

The result was, without a doubt, a resounding success and one that many Londoners will remember for a long time.  The tree house was structurally sound, weather resistant, warm and cosy.  Internally it was elegant and luxurious and produced glowing reviews in the press.


For us, it allowed us to do what we do best – rise to a challenge.  It is, without a doubt, one of the most memorable events we’ve ever produced.