We were asked to support TED with the set design for the TED Countdown Summit in London. After working with TED previously we knew their expectations and were ready for whatever challenges they threw our way.

What We Did

We helped design and build the set alongside an expanded control room, due to the existing control space used being small.

The Stage

We all know the iconic look of a TED talks stage, and although small this was no different. The set was designed to ensure all eyes were on the speaker.

The stage was given a custom-curved front, on which TED placed their iconic red circular rug. The speaker would then present from here, allowing more focus on the individual(s). The forward positioning of the curve placed the speaker closer to the audience, giving a more intimate connection between the two parts.

Lightbox Ribbons

The scenic element of the stage was the lightbox “ribbons” that spanned the rear of the stage. Using broadcast grade DMX LED controllers allowed us to have full control over the colours of the ribbons allowing a forever changing dynamic to the stage itself.

TED Letters

No TED job is complete without their iconic letters. Set to the right of the stage these 1000mm tall lightboxes helped set the overall scene. We stripped the original LED out and new, warm-cold high CRI tape with a new heat dissipation solution was added. New LED controllers and PSUs to cope with higher power LED and with frequency adjustable controllers were also built into a case.

Control Room

The control room for the cinema was quite limited in terms of space. Due to this, we needed to expand into the foyer where we built an 11m x 3m x 3m custom control booth area using exhibition flats. This three-walled space was then covered in seamless print ensuring it looked the part for the conference


One of the difficulties with this project was having international clients in completely different time zones. This meant we always had to be one step ahead knowing responses could be delayed based on time zones.

Another challenge we faced was the tight get-in times/rehearsal schedule. To overcome any problems this may have presented us with we had a large-experienced team for the get-in, ensuring the install was completed efficiently and then a smaller team on standby throughout the rehearsals for any further adaptations, which may have been required.

Most projects come with challenges, but if you have the tools and experience to overcome them it always works out.