When they wished to display an exhibition stand at the BIBA Conference in 2019, the team at insurance broker MS Amlin knew we could be trusted to create an on-brand, functional yet eye-catching stand for them to showcase their insurance solutions and services. It needed customer interactivity and workspaces, which we were more than capable of including.

“…MS Amlin knew we could be trusted to create an on-brand, functional yet eye-catching stand…”

What We Did

A great exhibition stand should stand out amongst the rest, while expressing the best elements of a company’s brand or product. For MS Amlin, we did exactly that.


White, smooth, custom-built spray lacquered desks and ‘totems’ made up the stand structure, making the on-brand colourful graphics we added stand out. Above, two separate headers sat supported between the totems and backing wall, fitted with blue and red bungee cords in a fan out pattern. We also added the MS Amlin logo to both the headers and the back wall, internally lit and
powered through hidden wiring.


The totems were equipped with two 27” touchscreens each, giving plenty of room for customers to interact with the display. Additionally, two iPads were fitted to a modern and stylish reception desk – also custom-made and in keeping with the style of the rest of the stand. Everything integrated and functional.


Suspending two large header pieces above a stand has its difficulties. The first is their weight – despite their large size we were able to limit the weight by making them hollow and building each out of lightweight thin plywood. The supporting back wall and totems were then built with sturdiness in mind. The second problem we had to overcome was getting them into position. We utilised genie lifts to hold each piece in position while it was attached to the stand; as, although lightweight, lifting them using manpower along wouldn’t have been safe or practical!

Sound like something you’d like?

We’re no strangers to the world of exhibitions, having sunk our teeth into a variety of stands in all shapes, sizes, and industries. One thing is certain – we bring our flair and passion for creativity, design, and style to each and every one, guaranteeing you’ll stand out on the exhibition floor. Read more on our dedicated exhibition page via the link below.