Due to the Covid pandemic, it had been two and a half years since Lush had held an event with an in-house audience, and now the time had finally come. Due to there still being some travel restrictions in place it was decided this would be a hybrid event. The audience could therefore either attend the event in person or join virtually from around the world.

LUSH Cosmetics global Hybrid conference stage empty close up

What We Did

We worked on many areas for the event including the stage, the product showcase as well as our technicians operating behind the scenes for the event to be streamed globally.


Conference Stage

One of the main aspects of this event was the stage as there were several guest speakers and interviews which were to happen throughout. We covered the stage with seagrass flooring to add warmth to the set. The walls were made out of a combination of mesh set panels alongside frames clad with recycled corrugated plastic sheeting which we lit from behind to create a soft blue hue. The mesh panels included several planters to hold living plants, helping add life to the stage. A 4m x 2.25m (16:9) projection screen hung above the stage to show the audience a variety of content created for the specific event. Next to this was a wall-mounted 65” side screen used to display subtitles and other event related information. Several furniture pieces were sourced for the event, including seating for those present on the stage as well as the audience members. The seating was a mix of sofas, lounge chairs, wooden school chairs, beanbags and coffee tables for a more intimate gathering, which sits well with Lush’s identity.

LUSH Cosmetics global Hybrid conference stage empty

LUSH Cosmetics global Hybrid house of misrule set pieces


Product Showcase

Alongside the relaxed style conference, there were also some product launches. This included launches for Halloween, Diwali and Christmas. We worked on the “House of Misrule” which was a structure that contained all the new Halloween products Lush was launching. It was a space the attendees could enter to smell and feel some of the brand new products set to launch this year. The structure was clad internally and externally with corrugated steel sheeting with Lush’s signature text in a lime green offset sign saying “House of Misrule”. The entrance to the space had a channel of plants backed with lime green vinyl running up the walls and across the top. Within the space were several custom-made plinths scenically painted to look like stalagmites within a cave, which were used as display stands for the new products.


Virtual Streaming

The entire event was streamed globally in three separate sessions with the first session being streamed live. The additional sessions, were a combination of live footage alongside some pre-recorded sections to include those in different time zone. Lush chose to use a platform called Hypersay to stream the event which used speech recognition to create subtitles alongside live translations making the event more accessible. The event was a combination of presenters live on stage, as well as a number of presenters who presented remotely from around the world.

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LUSH Cosmetics global Hybrid Conference front of house audio desk


Our main challenge was the tight build schedule. Many events streamed live are recorded within a studio environment, but this was on-site in a new venue. Therefore we had to create the environment needed to stream live content from scratch within a limited time frame. Thankfully great project management ensured this was done professionally with no issues.