It was an absolute pleasure to be asked by DDA Live Group to design and build several set pieces, as well as provide rented drapery for the BFI film launch of Netflix’s film Harder They Fall The perfect opportunity to exercise our creative build and drapery skills.  

“The perfect opportunity to exercise our creative build and drapery skills”.

What We Did

The brief required us to design and build two custom train carriages, create a VIP area, bar backdrop and a red-carpet photo wall using a variety of rented drapes from our stock. With the film set in the Old West much of what was designed and built needed to take inspiration from this era. 

Photo-Backdrop with velvet blue drapes

Red Carpet

Situated at a separate venue, we were asked to create a press backdrop for any attending celebrities to have their photos taken by the media. Instead of the step and repeat wall we see at most of these events we created a wall of heavily pleated blue velvet drapes, which sat as a backdrop to the “Harder They Fall” signage. A great set up for that perfect photo opportunity. 


Train Carriages

Taking inspiration from 19th Century trains, alongside using visuals provided; we designed and built two custom wooden train carriages in a traditional Old West style. To further age the carriages we scenically painted them using aging techniques to give an authentic look. These pieces of set made the entrance to film launch instantly taking you back a hundred and thirty years to the late 1800’s. 


VIP Area

As you can imagine a Hollywood film launch often brings with it a fair few VIP guest. With this one being no exception a VIP area was created. Using a combination of gold velvet swags backdropped with a wall of pleated black wool serge the area oozed with that Old West luxury we are used to seeing from films of the same era. The perfect place to sip champagne and take it all in. 


Mary's Saloon

Every film launch needs a bar, but not every bar transports you back to the Wild West like this one. Aptly named Mary’s Saloon the bar takes on a real western feel with its opulent layers of red and green velvet swags with pleated red velvet backdrop. Shallow timber trays were added to the based on the drapes to ensure the drapes weren’t damaged by any back-bar liquids – a great tip for protecting rental drapes! 

Pipe and Drape

You may be wondering how all the drapery used throughout this event was supported. Well, if you’re new to the world of events we use a system called pipe and drape. This allows us to erect a support system wherever we’re required to hang drapes. These can be used to mask a room or to create a feature within a space. Why not check out our drapery rental stock for your next event. It’s truly amazing how drapes can transform your event. 


We are often faced with short deadlines when working on projects. In this case we had four days to design, build and scenically paint the train carriages to match the visual provided. Not the ideal amount of time, but thankfully our team are always proactive in getting the job done. 

Working in certain spaces can also pose a challenge. Part of this job was in a small space where we were required to fit several heavy velvet drapes. Due to the size constraints, we were required to manufacture a number of custom drapes to fit them into the space. Thankfully having our own Drapemakers meant we were able manufacture the custom drapes inhouse.  

Are You Anchoring for More?

If you’re now desperate to watch the film head on over to Netflix via the link below where you can do just that.