Lush wanted to create a sensory extravaganza that takes participants on a journey through the six fragrances of Lush’s Gorilla Perfume collection. As with everything Lush the Gorilla Arthouse tour needed to be unconventional and unique in its outcome.

Banksy's this looks a bit like an elephant tanker replica

What We Did

The Gorilla Arthouse tour saw us create nine different experiential zones within one exhibition. The Arthouse toured three cities across Europe, taking in the Edinburgh Festival, Milan Fashion Week as well as a venue in Berlin. In each location, we had only a one-day fitup to install a cinema, a product kitchen space, a replica of the Banksy elephant tanker (inside and out), a pathway with real turf, gravel, and huge amounts of foliage that represented the road walked by refugees throughout the world, a disco booth with lightup dancefloor and various other installations. 


Pre-production, planning, and preparation were paramount for a job of this scale. This allowed us to fine tune the details at our production facility in the Midlands where we completely pre-built the exhibition before taking it out on the road. 

“Pre-production, planning, and preparation were paramount for a job of this scale”.


We love working for Lush. They have some crackers ideas, and they love to try new stuff out. They keep us on our toes, and we like it! Keep the crazy ideas coming guys, we’re here for you! No gorillas were harmed during the making of this tour. Read more about the tour below.