We were asked by Saatchi to design and build a Brand Activation stand for Clinique to promote one of their signature foundations and increase awareness of the brand. The stand would tour a number of shopping centres in the UK and require storage between events.

What We Did

We designed and built a brand activation stand for the makeup brand Clinique. This included custom built vanity tables, backlit displays as well as a 3.5m x 2m video wall. We then toured it around shopping centres in the UK.

Clinique Stand

“The overall feel of the stand was clean, stylish and simplistic to mimic the feel of the brand itself”

Clinque GLOW pop up shop


The Stand Itself

The overall feel of the stand was clean, stylish and simplistic in line with the feel of the brand itself. White was the prominent colour throughout the design with hints of chrome to add an element of luxury.

The stand included branded vanity tables, complete with custom-made Hollywood style mirrors and white and chrome bar chairs. The overall look of this area was very bougie  and were designed to appeal to Clinique’s customer base.

Clinque GLOW pop up shop

A custom-made sample bin, spray lacquered in a high gloss white, topped with a polished clear acrylic tub and lit from beneath was home to foundation samples. Being lit from beneath gave what could have been a simple bin a real element of luxury, as well as appearing very inviting to potential customers.

The stand itself was set on a white gloss laminated raised floor to hide all cabling. It was then partially surrounded by low wall structures sprayed in white gloss, which housed both a video wall and LED lightboxes to showcase promotional material for Clinique.

Clinque GLOW pop up shop


Video Wall

One of the main features of the stand was a 3.5m x 2m LED video wall. This displayed a matching game at an enlarged scale which customers could play on a nearby iPad. The size of the screen ensured it captured the interest of passers-by and the interactive element of the game got people engaged with the brand.


As with many touring events, it can be a challenge to keep a stand in pristine condition (especially a purely white one) after being in a number of different shopping centres. Once dismantled, trucked and rebuilt elsewhere there is always a chance for items to experience some form of damage. We made sure we supplied a cleaning kit plus spares for signage and used anti-scuff laminate on the flooring to minimise any issues.