That Bit Extra?

You’ve got a great idea, and the technical highlight of it is spectacular. You know that it’ll get people interested in your event, brand or product, but there’s a catch – this fantastic, innovative, engaging attraction doesn’t exist. Don’t worry, we can fix that.

Fiat 500 Ella Eyre birds eye view


Built Around You

Custom-built interactive games, moving screens controlled by a football, music played by the movement of a car – these are just a few of the creations we’ve developed for clients in the past. Come to us with an idea (or even an idea of an idea), no matter how bold, and we’ll make it happen.

After Inspiration?

We’re really proud of the work we’ve done, and we think you’ll see why. From the weird to the wonderful, the spectacular to the subtle, and with our passion for making amazing events running through it all, we feel we’ve got a lot you’ll love. Check out a selection of our previous projects by following the link below.


Where it Begins

We employ people with the creative insight and the practical skills required to take your ideas and make them reality. Development begins with our team of talented designers, who work with you to get your idea on paper. We’ll then construct any wooden and metal set components required within our workshop. Our creative technology really comes into its own with our team’s skill with custom-coded computer wizardry and mastery of electronics. Creatively applying different tech, or inventing something completely new to fit you – leave it to us, we’ll bring your ideas to life.

Not On The Highstreet Train station pop up aerial view


Events That Used Creative Tech

See how we’ve used Creative Technology in some our our previous event work.

Fiat 500 Ella Eyre birds eye view

Fiat 500 Live Launch Event

NOTHS Thoughtful thought machine wall 2018

Not On The High Street Pop Up Shop

Pepsi Max UEFA Champions League Cardiff 2017 Custom tech sensor football net

Pepsi Max UEFA Champions League Pop-Up


When an off-the-shelf Idea isn't Enough

We’ve got the skills, know-how, and tools to make your concept a reality, unique just to you and your brand. Interested? Bring your ideas to us today.